Barcodes and a new plan for makers

Barcodes have arrived to BOMIST! You can now print barcode labels directly from the app and point a barcode reader at them to immediately retrieve the information you need.

At the moment, barcode scanning only supports barcodes generated by the app. Support for vendor-specific barcodes (e.g. DigiKey, Mouser, TME) will be added later on. You can learn more on how to use barcodes with BOMIST here.

There's also a new addition to the plans, a plan for makers appropriately named the MAKER plan and at a veeery affordable price. The idea here is to fill the gap between the free plan and the plans that were originally meant for professional use (PRO and TEAM). The MAKER plan is suited to those who, while not having the need of more advanced features available on professional plans, still have a lot of parts at their home, garage or lab that need to be managed somehow. I'm sure the barcode readers support would come in handy in these cases, and that's why it's included in the MAKER plan too. For a complete feature comparison go here.

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