BOMIST v2 is here

It's been 9 months since the last post, announcing good things to come during this year, including a major update during Q2/Q3 of 2020. Well, it got a bit delayed, but it's finally here! BOMIST v2 is here.

Let's go straight into the feature highlights of this new major version, shall we?


You can now run BOMIST on Windows, macOS and Linux!

Multi user support and cloud sync

There's now a plan called TEAM. Yes, you guessed it right: it's made for teams and it allows them to collaborate on the same workspace. See all price plans and a features comparison.

With team workspaces, BOMIST ensures everything is kept in sync and when changes are made users get them in real-time.

Inventory and multiple storage locations

Other than stock, you now have inventory too. Stock is a number. Usually, you say "it's out of stock" or you ask "how many do we have in stock?". The response is a number. Inventory is a broader concept. When we talk about it we are interested in knowing where it is located, if it's on-order or reserved for some projects. In essence, inventory is a broader concept than stock, but both are useful.

Now you have a dedicated table for inventory:

And you can track in-house inventory in as many storage locations as you want.

Stock is still displayed on the main Parts table.

Custom suppliers and quotes

BOMIST uses Octopart to fetch up-to-date pricing and availability in many online distributors but now you can also add your own custom suppliers, quotes and price-breaks.

Overall UI & UX improvements

If you already checked the new version, this was probably the most obvious. A lot of attention was put into this. Everything feels so much simple when the data modelling and the UI & UX are done right. Not saying it's perfect, but that is and it will always be a goal with BOMIST.

And more!

  • Tables can now be exported into CSV, JSON, HTML and PDF
  • Tables group by header (e.g. grouping BOMs by designators)
  • Multi-level storage locations
  • Multi-step production
  • Multiple preferred suppliers
  • Write notes in Markdown text format
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What's next?

Being able to release v2 was an important milestone and the main goal for now but other important features are already in the line-up and some of them should land still this year. One of them being: barcode generation and support for barcode readers.

A note for current users

Workspaces from v1 are not compatible with the ones used in v2 but this CLI tool can be used to help converting them. At the moment the conversion can't be done 100% automatically as projects, orders and history won't be preserved. If you need help converting your workspace feel free to get in touch.

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