New website, new release and plans for 2020

This year will bring a lot of good things to BOMIST.

It is time to bring more stability, more features, and to keep it as simple to use as possible along the way. A brand new website and a new release mark the beginning of this journey.

The website was written from scratch. Not only it looks (hopefully) better but a lot of focus was put into its structure and usability. The new Dashboard area should make it easier for users to understand how to manage their subscription, payment methods and billing information and new sign-ups automatically get a 7-day trial of the PRO plan. It also includes a proper Learn section that will be updated with BOMIST's documentation. And this post, will be the first of many.

Bellow, the highlights of this new release and what's to come next.

Crash reporter

A very much needed feature for a very long time: a crash reporter. Until now, there was no way to know if the app crashed and why. Debugging was relying purely on users feedback which is definitely not the best way to do it. From now on, whenever the app crashes you'll get an error message and a report will be automatically sent, if an internet connection is available, so the bug can be fixed as soon as possible.

Of course, user feedback is still very useful and welcome, specially in cases where the app doesn't crash but it's not working as expected. To learn more about how you can debug it and report unexpected behaviour please refer to Debug & Report.

Windows installer

BOMIST is now released with an installer, so you can properly install it on your computer. A .zip file containing the executable will still be released for those who prefer a more portable version. Updates work the same in both versions.

Code signing certificate

To avoid Windows and anti-virus warnings, all the code is now signed with a Windows Authenticode code signing certificate. It's not an EV certificate, which means that for the first few downloads, Windows might still alert you of being an "unrecognized app". It takes some time and a few downloads until BOMIST, as a small software business, is able to establish some trust. If you have any questions regarding this, please get in touch.

Multiple workspaces

Multiple workspaces, a feature that was available only in the PRO plan, is now available on the FREE version as well. This means that, no matter the plan you have, you can now easily switch between workspaces. As a maker/hobbyist you can load for example a workspace for your own inventory and also the one from your local hackerspace. Or maybe create a new workspace just to test some features out without having to mess with your own workspace. To learn more about how to switch between workspaces please refer to Workspaces.

Support for multiple users

Last but not the least, this year will bring support for multiple users. This means multiple users will be able to interact with a workspace at the same time. From a development standpoint this brings a whole new set of challenges but also new features that are very important for teams and companies. The foundations for this to happen are already being laid out and this is expected to be released during Q2/Q3 of 2020.


Being a cross-platform app has been in the plans for a very long time. It is now planned to happen in Q2/Q3 2020, along with the release with support for multiple users.

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