BOMIST can launch a local web server that exposes a REST API. Through this API you can then retrieve and process your workspace's data the way you want by creating your own scripts. This is great way to integrate BOMIST with your own systems.

The API can be enabled/disabled through Settings - API.

Once the server is running, you can test it by simply opening your web browser at http://localhost:3333. You should get something like this:

  "bomist": {
    "version": "2.1.4",
    "user": {
      "email": "user-email"
    "workspace": {
      "team": false,
      "name": "Sample"
  "documentation": "http://localhost:3333/_swagger_ui"
If you feel the API is lacking some functionality, please get in touch.


The web server not only serves the API but also its documentation using a Swagger UI. Documentation is accessible at http://localhost:3333/_swagger_ui.

You can also access the documentation here:

API Documentation

Filtering Data

Most of the reading (i.e. GET) endpoints allow you to filter data by its fields. Assuming you'd want to get 10 parts from Microchip, or to list parts that have stock lower than 50 units, this is what you'd do:

GET /parts?part.manufacturer=Microchip&limit=10  # get 10 Microchip parts
GET /parts?part.stock={"$lt": 50}                # get all parts that have less that 50 units of stock