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Keep track of your inventory

Get to know which parts you have, where they are stored, and when and how they are being used. Quickly access complete part specifications, datasheets and other relevant documents. Keep track of inventory in multiple locations.

Manage your BOMs

List, document and track products. Detailed bill of materials, multiple revisions, access to up-to-date pricing and availability in available suppliers and quickly estimate BOM costs for a given batch quantity. Keep track of your production.

Manage your BOMs

Access the supply chain

Real-time information from the supply chain will help you decide which parts to pick for your products and from which suppliers. Use the information provided for the most common online distributors or enter your own suppliers and custom quotes.

Access the supply chain

Buy only what you need

Create purchase lists or generate them automatically whenever a production build requires additional inventory. Pick the best quotes based on up-to-date pricing and availability on your preferred suppliers. Quickly merge purchase lists from different products into a single supplier's purchase order.


Keep track of your production

Reserve inventory as soon as you have it available. Create and export kit lists when fulfilling parts for production so you know where to source parts from. Get your inventory automatically adjusted once production is finished.


Manage your sales

Keep track of your customers and sales orders. Get to know if you have enough stock to fulfill a sales order and automatically decrement inventory from stock whenever a sales order is ready to be delivered to your customers.

Manage your sales

Easy Import & Export

Bulk import data through CSV files and export the whole workspace, or just the tables you want into CSV, JSON, HTML or PDF format.


Print barcode labels straight from the app or scan vendor-barcodes and immediately find the data you are looking for.


Access your workspace through a local REST API. Write your own scripts and process your data the way you want.


You can access your data whether you have an internet connection or not. Your data is always kept locally.


Multiple users on different computers can access and work on the same workspace at the same time.


It runs locally and syncs over the cloud. Users accessing the same workspace will see data being updated in real-time.



A plan for everyone

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For Makers
per month, billed yearly
  • Single user
  • Multiple Local Workspaces
  • Up to 1000 parts
  • Unlimited products
  • Purchasing
  • Custom suppliers and quotes
  • Barcode labels (print & scan)
  • Part alternates
  • Global history


For Individuals
per month, billed yearly
Everything in the MAKER plan, plus:
  • Single user
  • No limits
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Internal part numbers
  • Pricing and availability
  • Production planning
  • Procurement
  • Inventory value report
  • Custom fields
  • Generic parts
  • Attrition rate
  • Lot control
  • Sales


For Teams
per month, billed yearly
Everything in the PRO plan, plus:
  • Unlimited users
  • 1× Team Workspace
  • Role-based permissions
  • Managed database on the cloud
  • Real-time data sync
  • 5GB document storage
  • Users without a subscription have access to all features on the Team Workspaces they belong to


For Enterprises
Starting at
per month, billed yearly
All the features, plus:
  • On-premises
  • Offline license
  • Priority support
  • Multiple Team Workspaces
  • Users have access to all features on both Local and Team Workspaces
Without a subscription, a single user can use the app for FREE, being limited to 100 parts and 3 products.

Start saving time and money while managing your inventory

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