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Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.8

August 4, 2022
Download: Windows | macOS
  • Team Workspaces can now be recycled. Recycling a team workspace consists of deleting it and creating a new one, keeping the same team members. Only owners can recycle a team workspace.
  • [fix] Parts: when manually creating parts disable auto-completer if type is not ´outsourced`
  • [fix] Unable to select parts to add as alternates
  • [fix] Unable to manually create a BOM entry
  • [fix] Row selection

Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.7

July 26, 2022
Download: Windows | macOS
  • Dialogs are now draggable (can be moved around on the app)
  • When reducing inventory to zero, remove the inventory itself if no quantity is reserved for something else
  • By default, adding parts to a purchase list (Add to...) adds the part's Stock Balance if negative
  • New stock fields added to tables
  • Significant performance improvements on the app
  • [fix] Unable to manually create parts

Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.6

July 18, 2022
Download: Windows | macOS
  • [fix] Remove in-production inventory when projects are removed
  • [fix] Invalid regular expression: /+/: Nothing to repeat

Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.5

July 14, 2022
Download: Windows | macOS
  • You can now set the Preferred Part Number a part should be identified with: Internal PN or Part Number. This is done through Settings > Workspace > Preferred PN. With this, fields like Alternates, that display a list of alternative parts, will use either part number to identify those parts. On barcode labels, when the preferred PN is set to Internal PN, the Internal PN is used on the barcode label's title (instead of the manufacturer's Part Number) as it's more relevant.
  • Custom fields of type App Element can now have multiple values. As an example, on a custom field of type App Element - Part you could set multiple parts under that field.
  • New shortcut: Ctrl + P (or Cmd+P on macOS). This sends selected items on the most recently used table to the printer, similar to manually exporting labels and selecting Send to printer as the output method. The most recently used table is the one that received a click or on each an item was most recently selected.
  • Contacts: references to Customer removed. Instead of a Customer #, a contact has now an ID which consists of an alternative way to identify the contact other than by its name
  • Contacts: references to VAT# field renamed to Tax ID

Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.4

June 27, 2022
Download: Windows | macOS
  • Purchase lists now have a status: open or closed
  • New inventory type added: Planned. Planned inventory includes all inventory listed on open purchase lists and orders.
  • Stock Balance now includes Planned inventory and takes Low stock threshold into account (Stock Balance = Stock - Allocated - Low stock threshold)
  • Customers removed from Sales > Customers and are now available under their own tab Contacts.
  • [fix] Price inputs

Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.3

June 17, 2022
Download: Windows | macOS
  • BOM: auto-assign parts only of selected items
  • When auto-assigning parts, consider generic parts as well
  • Stock On-hand renamed to Stock Available
  • Stock On-hand now represents the sum of stock available plus the stock reserved, as both stock available and reserved are technically on-hand.
  • New types of inventory: allocated and in-production. These allow to list and track inventory that has been allocated to purchase builds or sales orders. Allocated inventory doesn't necessarily exist or is associated to any specific stock unit, but it allows to represent a need for that inventory. Later, this will be used to better plan production and purchasing by taking into account current inventory levels and already allocated inventory, as well as its timeline. Lastly, in-production inventory allows to track units that are currently in production, similarly to the on-order inventory that was already being listed.
  • Stock Balance: this represents all the stock that is available and incoming (ordered or in-production) minus the stock that has been allocated. This should provide you with a useful insight on whether you are stocking more inventory than you need (overstocking) or the opposite (understocking).
  • Part details and inventory table display all stock types (on-hand, available, reserved, allocated, on-order and in-production)

Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.2

June 9, 2022
Download: Windows | macOS
  • Tables: page size can now be individually set for every table
  • History: part created and part removed event logs are now created
  • History: generate event logs for parts and inventory created when importing parts or purchase orders
  • Barcode scanning: the one-shot mode can now be set to operate on a continuous mode, meaning it won't be disabled after the first barcode is scanned
  • Barcode scanning: when using the one-shot mode three different matching methods can be selected: exact, contains or regular expression
  • BOM: parts can now be auto-assigned for items that have multiple matching suggestions - the part with the highest stock is picked
  • BOM: parts can be replaced (instead of having to unassign and assign it again)
  • Purchase orders: when manually editing the price, you can now set its currency

Release Notes v2.9.0-beta.1

May 22, 2022
Download: Windows | macOS
  • Parts: Autocomplete... menu allows to autocomplete data (description, value and package) on existing parts
  • Tables: column selector is searchable
  • Team management: team members can be added / invited / removed through the Account & Team dialog, Team Workspace's name can be edited through the Workspace Selection dialog
  • Company logo: logo is synced on Team Workspaces. You will have to set your company logo again in case you have done it before, through the Account dialog
  • Context menus now have icons

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